Specializes in Chemicals Tailored for Industries and Diverse Application
The acidic chemical substancesin industry serve diverse purposes across various domains, spanning from chemical engineering to pharmaceuticals, and metal treatment.
Alkaline chemical products are vital across industries, from basic chemical manufacturing to specialized industrial applications.
Salt chemical products are widely used across industries like chemical manufacturing, food processing, pharmaceuticals, and others.
Oxidizing agents in chemical products play key roles across industries for oxidation, bleaching,disinfection, and catalyzing chemical reactions.
Reducing agent chemicals find broad applications in industries like chemicals, food processing, and textiles, serving diverse purposes from bleaching to preservation.
Organic chemicals exhibit diversity and extensive applications, spanning from fundamental compounds to various aspects of daily life.
Reagent chemicals are used in labs, scientific experiments, and industries for analysis, measurements, and research purposes.
Other types of chemicals, such as gas,etc.
Meeting Diverse Market or Customer Needs By Offering Products in Various Sizes or Capacities
The containers used for repackaging chemical products include various types, typically chosen based on the nature of the product, usage requirements, and safety considerations. Common types of containers for repackaging chemicals include:
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XIONGDA offers unmatched contract manufacturing chemical services and capabilities for every industry. We are proud to offer custom contract manufacturing and chemical manufacturing management for industries including:
Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Plastics and Polymers Coatings and Paints
Agricultural Chemicals Cosmetics and Personal Care Petrochemicals and Energy
Food Additives Rubber and Adhesives Cleaners and Sanitizers
Electronic Chemicals Textiles Glass and Ceramics
Metal Processing Construction and Building Materials Environmental and Wastewater Treatment
Pulp and Paper Leather Processing Animal Feed
Automotive Industry Aerospace Industry

硝酸 Nitric acid
 Nitric acid
Aqua Fortis Nitric acid
azotic acid Nitric acid
Hydrogen nitrate Nitric
CAS 7697-37-2

Nitric acid Reagent Grade
Aqua Fortis Nitric acid Reagent Grade
azotic acid Nitric acid Reagent Grade
Hydrogen nitrate Nitric acid Reagent Grade
Nitric acid Electronic Grade
Aqua Fortis Nitric acid Electronic Grade
azotic acid Nitric acid Electronic Grade
Hydrogen nitrate Nitric Electronic Grade
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盐酸  Hydrochloric acid

Hydrochloric acid
Hydrogen chloride
acide chlorhydrique
Marine acid
CAS 7647-01-0

Hydrochloric acid Industrial Grade
Hydrogen chloride Industrial Grade
acide chlorhydrique Industrial Grade
Marine acid Industrial Grade
HCL Industrial Grade
Hydrochloric acid Food Grade
Hydrogen chloride Food Grade
acide chlorhydrique Food Grade
Marine acid Food Grade
HCL Food Grade
Hydrochloric acid Reagent Grade
Hydrogen chloride Reagent Grade
acide chlorhydrique Reagent Grade
Marine acid Reagent Grade
HCL Reagent Grade

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硫酸  Sulfuric acid
Sulphuric acid
Sulfur acid
Sulphur acid
Oil of vitriol
dipping acid
CAS 7664-93-9
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Wholesale Sulfur acid
Wholesale Sulphur acid
Sulphuric acid Industrial Grade
Sulfur acid Industrial Grade
Sulphur acid Industrial Grade
Oil of vitriol Industrial Grade
dipping acid Industrial Grade
H2SO4 Industrial Grade
Sulphuric acid Reagent Grade
Sulfur acid Reagent Grade
Sulphur acid Reagent Grade
Oil of vitriol Reagent Grade
dipping acid Reagent Grade
CAS 7664-93-9
H2SO4 Reagent Grade

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双氧水 / 过氧化氢   Hydrogen peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide solution
hydrogen peroxide, 3%
hydrogen peroxide, 8% to 20%
hydrogen peroxide, 30%
hydrogen peroxide, 20% to 60%
hydrogen peroxide, 90%
CAS 7722-84-1
Hydrogen peroxide Industrial Grade
Food Grade Hydrogen peroxide
Reagent Grade Hydrogen peroxide
Medical Grade Hydrogen peroxide

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氨水     Ammonium hydroxide
ammonia water
aqueous ammonia
ammonia hydroxide
Ammonia concentrate
Ammonium hydrate
ammonia monohydrate
CAS 1336-21-6

Agricultural Grade ammonia water
Agricultural Grade aqueous ammonia
Agricultural Grade ammonia hydroxide
Agricultural Grade Ammonia concentrate
Agricultural Grade Ammonium hydrate
Agricultural Grade ammonia monohydrate
Agricultural Grade H5NO
Industrial Grade ammonia water
Industrial Grade aqueous ammonia
Industrial Grade ammonia hydroxide
Industrial Grade Ammonia concentrate
Industrial Grade Ammonium hydrate
Industrial Grade ammonia monohydrate
Industrial Grade H5NO
ammonia water Reagent Grade
aqueous ammonia Reagent Grade
ammonia hydroxide Reagent Grade
Ammonia concentrate Reagent Grade
Ammonium hydrate Reagent Grade
ammonia monohydrate Reagent Grade
H5NO Reagent Grade
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次氯酸钠  Sodium hypochlorite
Sodium hypochlorite
Sodium hypochloride
sodium chlorine monoxide
Sodium hypochlorite Solution
CAS 7681-52-9

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Industrial Grade Sodium hypochlorite
Industrial Grade Sodium hypochloride
Industrial Grade sodium chlorine monoxide
Industrial Grade Sodium hypochlorite Solution

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甲醛溶液  Formaldehyde
Formic aldehyde
Methyl aldehyde
Methylene oxide
Formaldehyde solution
CAS 50-00-0

Industrial Grade Formol
Industrial Grade Oxymethylene
Industrial Grade Formic aldehyde
Industrial Grade Methyl aldehyde
Industrial Grade Methylene oxide
Industrial Grade Formaldehyde
Industrial Grade Formaldehyde solution
Industrial Grade CH2O
pharmaceutical grade Formol
pharmaceutical grade Oxymethylene
pharmaceutical grade Formic aldehyde
pharmaceutical grade Methyl aldehyde
pharmaceutical grade Methylene oxide
pharmaceutical grade Formaldehyde
pharmaceutical grade Formaldehyde solution
pharmaceutical grade CH2O
Reagent Grade Formol
Reagent Grade Oxymethylene
Reagent Grade Formic aldehyde
Reagent Grade Methyl aldehyde
Reagent Grade Methylene oxide
Reagent Grade Formaldehyde
Reagent Grade Formaldehyde solution
Reagent Grade CH2O

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Oxymethylene supplier
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氢氟酸 Hydrogen fluoride
hydrogen fluoride
fluorhydric acid
hydrofluoric acid
Anhydrous Hydrogen Fluoride
CAS 7664-39-3

Industrial Grade hydrogen fluoride
Industrial Grade fluorhydric acid
Industrial Grade hydrofluoric acid
Industrial Grade Anhydrous Hydrogen Fluoride
Industrial Grade Formula:FH
Reagent Grade hydrogen fluoride
Reagent Grade fluorhydric acid
Reagent Grade hydrofluoric acid
Reagent Grade Anhydrous Hydrogen Fluoride
Reagent Grade Formula:FH

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氢氧化钠(液体)   Sodium hydroxide (solvent)
caustic soda
Sodium hydroxide
caustic soda solution
Sodium hydroxide solution
Sodium hydroxide solution 32%
Sodium hydroxide solution 50%
CAS 1310-73-2
Industrial Grade NaOH
Industrial Grade caustic soda
Industrial Grade Sodium hydroxide
Industrial Grade caustic soda solution
Industrial Grade Sodium hydroxide solution
Food Grade NaOH
Food Grade caustic soda
Food Grade Sodium hydroxide
Food Grade caustic soda solution
Food Grade Sodium hydroxide solution
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pharmaceutical grade caustic soda
pharmaceutical grade Sodium hydroxide
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甲酸85%  Formic acid (solvent) 85%
methanoic acid
Formic acid
Formylic acid
Aminic acid
Hydrogen carboxylic acid
methanoic acid solution
Formic acid solution
Formylic acid solution
Aminic acid solution
Hydrogen carboxylic acid solution
CAS 64-18-6

Industrial Grade Myrmicyl
Industrial Grade methanoic acid
Industrial Grade Formic acid
Industrial Grade Formylic acid
Industrial Grade Aminic acid
Industrial Grade Hydrogen carboxylic acid
Industrial Grade methanoic acid solution
Industrial Grade Formic acid solution
Industrial Grade Formylic acid solution
Industrial Grade Aminic acid solution
Industrial Grade Hydrogen carboxylic acid solution
Industrial Grade CH2O2
pharmaceutical grade Myrmicyl
pharmaceutical grade methanoic acid
pharmaceutical grade Formic acid
pharmaceutical grade Formylic acid
pharmaceutical grade Aminic acid
pharmaceutical grade Hydrogen carboxylic acid
pharmaceutical grade methanoic acid solution
pharmaceutical grade Formic acid solution
pharmaceutical grade Formylic acid solution
pharmaceutical grade Aminic acid solution
pharmaceutical grade Hydrogen carboxylic acid solution
pharmaceutical grade CH2O2

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高氯酸  Perchloric acid
Perchloric acid
Hydrogen perchlorate
Perchloric acid standard solution
perchloric acid,with not more than 50% acid
perchloric acid,with more than 50% but not more than 72% acid
CAS 7601-90-3

Hydroperchlorate Reagent Grade
Perchloric acid Reagent Grade
Hydrogen perchlorate Reagent Grade
Perchloric acid standard solution Reagent Grade
Hydroperchlorate Industrial Grade
Perchloric acid Industrial Grade
Hydrogen perchlorate Industrial Grade
Perchloric acid standard solution Industrial Grade

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氢氧化钠(固体)   Sodium hydroxide (Solid)
Solid NaOH
caustic soda
Sodium hydroxide
caustic soda
NaOH powder
caustic soda powder
Sodium hydroxide powder
caustic soda powder
CAS 1310-73-2
Industrial Grade NaOH
Industrial Grade caustic soda
Industrial Grade Sodium hydroxide
Food Grade NaOH
Food Grade caustic soda
Food Grade Sodium hydroxide
pharmaceutical grade NaOH
pharmaceutical grade caustic soda
pharmaceutical grade Sodium hydroxide
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氢氧化钾   Potassium hydroxide

Potassium hydroxide
Caustic potash
kizutasaponin K10
potassium hydrate
potassium hydroxyde
Caustic potash
CAS 1310-58-3

Pharmaceutical grade Potassium hydroxide
Pharmaceutical grade Caustic potash
Pharmaceutical grade kizutasaponin K10
Pharmaceutical grade potassium hydrate
Pharmaceutical grade potassium hydroxyde
Pharmaceutical grade Caustic potash
Pharmaceutical grade HKO
Industrial Grade Potassium hydroxide
Industrial Grade Caustic potash
Industrial Grade kizutasaponin K10
Industrial Grade potassium hydrate
Industrial Grade potassium hydroxyde
Industrial Grade Caustic potash
Industrial Grade HKO


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碳酸钠(纯碱)Sodium carbonate
Soda ash
Calcined soda
Sodium carbonate
CAS 497-19-8

Soda ash pharmaceutical grade
Calcined soda pharmaceutical grade
Sodium carbonate pharmaceutical grade
CNa2O3 pharmaceutical grade
Soda ash industrial grade
Calcined soda industrial grade
Sodium carbonate industrial grade
CNa2O3 industrial grade
Soda ash food grade
Calcined soda food grade
Sodium carbonate food grade
CNa2O3 food grade

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碳酸钾  Potassium carbonate
Potassium carbonate
dipotassium carbonic acid
Potassium carbonate anhydrous
Potassium carbonate hemihydrate
CAS 584-08-7

Potassium carbonate Industrial grade
dipotassium carbonic acid Industrial grade
Potassium carbonate anhydrous Industrial grade
Potassium carbonate hemihydrate Industrial grade
CK2O3 Industrial grade
Potassium carbonate reagent grade
dipotassium carbonic acid reagent grade
Potassium carbonate anhydrous reagent grade
Potassium carbonate hemihydrate reagent grade
CK2O3 reagent grade

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草酸   Oxalic acid
Oxalic acid
ethanedioic acid
Ethanedioic acid
Anhydrous Oxalic acid
BETZ 0295
CAS 144-62-7

Electronic Grade Oxalic acid
Electronic Grade ethanedioic acid
Electronic Grade Aktisal
Electronic Grade Aquisal
Electronic Grade Oxaalzuur
Electronic Grade Ethanedioic acid
Industrial grade Oxalic acid
Industrial grade ethanedioic acid
Industrial grade Aktisal
Industrial grade Aquisal
Industrial grade Oxaalzuur
Industrial grade Ethanedioic acid
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Reagent Grade ethanedioic acid
Reagent Grade Aktisal
Reagent Grade Aquisal
Reagent Grade Oxaalzuur
Reagent Grade Ethanedioic acid

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元明粉 / 硫酸钠   Sodium sulfate
Sodium sulfate
sodium Sulphate
solid sodium carbonate
sodium carbonate solution
anhydrous sodium sulphate
dibasic sodium sulfate
disodium monosulfate
disodium sulphate
CAS 7757-82-6

Pharmaceutical grade Sodium sulfate
Pharmaceutical grade sodium Sulphate
Pharmaceutical grade solid sodium carbonate
Pharmaceutical grade sodium carbonate solution
Pharmaceutical grade anhydrous sodium sulphate
Pharmaceutical grade dibasic sodium sulfate
Pharmaceutical grade disodium monosulfate
Pharmaceutical grade disodium sulphate
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Reagent grade sodium Sulphate
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Industrial grade sodium Sulphate
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硝酸钠  Sodium nitrate
Sodium nitrate
nitric acid sodium salt
Nitrate of soda
CAS 7631-99-4

Reagent grade Sodiumnitrate
Reagent grade Sodium nitrate
Reagent grade nitric acid sodium salt
Reagent grade Nitrate of soda
Reagent grade NNaO3
Industrial grade sodiumnitrate
Industrial grade Sodium nitrate
Industrial grade nitric acid sodium salt
Industrial grade Nitrate of soda
Industrial grade NNaO3
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Agricultural grade Sodium nitrate
Agricultural grade nitric acid sodium salt
Agricultural grade Nitrate of soda
Agricultural grade NNaO3
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Food grade Sodium nitrate
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Food grade Nitrate of soda
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亚硝酸钠 Sodium nitrite
Sodium nitrite
Nitrous acid,sodium salt
Diazotizing salts
CAS 7632-00-0

Food grade Sodium nitrite
Food grade Nitrous acid,sodium salt
Food grade Diazotizing salts
Food grade Filmerine
Food grade NNaO2
Industrial grade Sodium nitrite
Industrial grade Nitrous acid,sodium salt
Industrial grade Diazotizing salts
Industrial grade Filmerine
Industrial grade NNaO2
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Reagent grade Nitrous acid,sodium salt
Reagent grade Diazotizing salts
Reagent grade Filmerine
Reagent grade NNaO2
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Pharmaceutical grade Nitrous acid,sodium salt
Pharmaceutical grade Diazotizing salts
Pharmaceutical grade Filmerine
Pharmaceutical grade NNaO2

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氨基磺酸  Sulfamic acid
Sulfamic acid
Sulphamic acid
aminosulfonic acid
amidosulfonic acid
Amino sulfonic acid
Amidosulfuric acid
CAS 5329-14-6


Industrial grade Sulfamic acid
Industrial grade Sulphamic acid
Industrial grade aminosulfonic acid
Industrial grade amidosulfonic acid
Industrial grade Amino sulfonic acid
Industrial grade Amidosulfuric acid
Industrial grade H3NO3S
Reagent grade Sulfamic acid
Reagent grade Sulphamic acid
Reagent grade aminosulfonic acid
Reagent grade amidosulfonic acid
Reagent grade Amino sulfonic acid
Reagent grade Amidosulfuric acid
Reagent grade H3NO3S
Pharmaceutical grade Sulfamic acid
Pharmaceutical grade Sulphamic acid
Pharmaceutical grade aminosulfonic acid
Pharmaceutical grade amidosulfonic acid
Pharmaceutical grade Amino sulfonic acid
Pharmaceutical grade Amidosulfuric acid
Pharmaceutical grade H3NO3S

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SLES(十二烷基醚硫酸钠)   Sodium lauryl ether sulfate
Sodium lauryl ether sulfate
Sodium alkylether sulfate
Sodium alkylether sulfate
Lauryl ether sulfate sodium salt
CAS 68585-34-2

Industrial grade Sodium lauryl ether sulfate
Industrial grade Sodium alkylether sulfate
Industrial grade Sodium alkylether sulfate
Industrial grade Lauryl ether sulfate sodium salt
Industrial grade C12H26Na2O5S

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硝酸钾  Potassium nitrate

Potassium nitrate
nitrate of potash
nitric acid potassium salt
CAS 7757-79-1

Industrial grade Potassium nitrate
Industrial grade nitrate of potash
Industrial grade nitric acid potassium salt
Industrial grade KNO3
Agricultural grade Potassium nitrate
Agricultural grade nitrate of potash
Agricultural grade nitric acid potassium salt
Agricultural grade KNO3
Pharmaceutical grade Potassium nitrate
Pharmaceutical grade nitrate of potash
Pharmaceutical grade nitric acid potassium salt
Pharmaceutical grade KNO3

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硝酸镁  Magnesium nitrate
Magnesium nitrate hydrate
Magnesium nitrate
Magnesium (II) nitrate
magnesium dinitrate
Nitricacid, magnesium salt 
CAS 10377-60-3

Industrial grade Magnesium nitrate hydrate
Industrial grade Magnesium nitrate
Industrial grade Magnesium (II) nitrate
Industrial grade magnesium dinitrate
Industrial grade Nitricacid, magnesium salt 
Industrial grade MgN2O6
Reagent grade Magnesium nitrate hydrate
Reagent grade Magnesium nitrate
Reagent grade Magnesium (II) nitrate
Reagent grade magnesium dinitrate
Reagent grade Nitricacid, magnesium salt 
Reagent grade MgN2O6
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Agricultural grade Magnesium (II) nitrate
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Agricultural grade Nitricacid, magnesium salt 
Agricultural grade MgN2O6
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Pharmaceutical grade Magnesium (II) nitrate
Pharmaceutical grade magnesium dinitrate
Pharmaceutical grade Nitricacid, magnesium salt 
Pharmaceutical grade MgN2O6

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硝酸铅    Lead(II) nitrate
Lead nitrate
Lead(II) nitrate
lead (2+) nitrate
CAS 10099-74-8

Industrial grade Plumbousnitrate
Industrial grade Leaddinitrate
Industrial grade Lead nitrate
Industrial grade Lead(II) nitrate
Industrial grade lead (2+) nitrate
Industrial grade N2O6Pb
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Reagent grade Lead(II) nitrate
Reagent grade lead (2+) nitrate
Reagent grade N2O6Pb

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氯酸钠  Sodium chlorate
Sodium chlorate
Sodium Chlorate Min
chlorate of soda
chlorate salt of sodium
Sodium chlorate solution
CAS 7775-09-9

Electronic Grade Sodium chlorate
Electronic Grade Sodium Chlorate Min
Electronic Grade chlorate of soda
Electronic Grade chlorate salt of sodium
Electronic Grade Sodium chlorate solution
Electronic Grade ClNaO3
Reagent grade Sodium chlorate
Reagent grade Sodium Chlorate Min
Reagent grade chlorate of soda
Reagent grade chlorate salt of sodium
Reagent grade Sodium chlorate solution
Reagent grade ClNaO3
Industrial grade Sodium chlorate
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Industrial grade chlorate of soda
Industrial grade chlorate salt of sodium
Industrial grade Sodium chlorate solution
Industrial grade ClNaO3

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硫磺  Sulfur

Solid Sulfur
CAS 7704-34-9

Industrial grade Sulfur
Industrial grade sulphur
Industrial grade Brimstone
Industrial grade Solid Sulfur
Industrial grade Sulfidal
Agricultural grade Sulfur
Agricultural grade sulphur
Agricultural grade Brimstone
Agricultural grade Solid Sulfur
Agricultural grade Sulfidal
Food grade Sulfur
Food grade sulphur
Food grade Brimstone
Food grade Solid Sulfur
Food grade Sulfidal
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Reagent grade Brimstone
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Reagent grade Sulfidal

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过硫酸钠   Sodium persulfate
Sodium persulfate
Sodium persulphate
sodium peroxydisulfate
disodium peroxodisulfate
CAS 7775-27-1

Industrial grade Sodium persulfate
Industrial grade Sodium persulphate
Industrial grade sodium peroxydisulfate
Industrial grade disodium peroxodisulfate
Industrial grade Na2O8S2
Food grade Sodium persulfate
Food grade Sodium persulphate
Food grade sodium peroxydisulfate
Food grade disodium peroxodisulfate
Food grade Na2O8S2
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Reagent grade sodium peroxydisulfate
Reagent grade disodium peroxodisulfate
Reagent grade Na2O8S2

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过硫酸铵  Ammonium persulfate
Ammonium persulfate
ammonium peroxydisulphate
Diammonium peroxydisulfate
Ammonium peroxydisulfate
ammonium peroxodisulfate
Diammonium persulphate
Diammonium peroxydisulphate
CAS 7727-54-0

Industrial grade APS
Industrial grade Ammonium persulfate
Industrial grade ammonium peroxydisulphate
Industrial grade Diammonium peroxydisulfate
Industrial grade Ammonium peroxydisulfate
Industrial grade ammonium peroxodisulfate
Industrial grade Diammonium persulphate
Industrial grade Diammonium peroxydisulphate
Industrial grade H8N2O8S2
Food grade APS
Food grade Ammonium persulfate
Food grade ammonium peroxydisulphate
Food grade Diammonium peroxydisulfate
Food grade Ammonium peroxydisulfate
Food grade ammonium peroxodisulfate
Food grade Diammonium persulphate
Food grade Diammonium peroxydisulphate
Food grade H8N2O8S2
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高氯酸钠  Sodium perchlorate
Sodium perchlorate
Perchloric acid, sodium salt
anhydrous sodium perchlorate
CAS 7601-89-0
Industrial grade natriumperchloraat
Industrial grade Sodium perchlorate
Industrial grade sodiumperchlorate
Industrial grade Perchloric acid, sodium salt
Industrial grade anhydrous sodium perchlorate
Industrial grade ClNaO4
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高氯酸钾  Potassium perchlorate
Potassium perchlorate
potassium hyperchloride
Perchloric acid potassium salt
CAS 7778-74-7

Industrial grade Potassium perchlorate
Industrial grade potassium hyperchloride
Industrial grade potassiumperchlorate
Industrial grade Perchloric acid potassium salt
Industrial grade ClKO4
pharmaceutical grade Potassium perchlorate
pharmaceutical grade potassium hyperchloride
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氰化钾   Potassium Cyanide
potassium cyanate
Potassium Cyanide
cyanide of potassium
potassium cyanide solution
hydrocyanic acid potassium salt
CAS 151-50-8

Industrial grade KCN
Industrial grade Cyanides
Industrial grade Kaliumcyanid
Industrial grade potassium cyanate
Industrial grade Potassium Cyanide
Industrial grade cyanide of potassium
Industrial grade potassium cyanide solution
Industrial grade hydrocyanic acid potassium salt
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Reagent grade Cyanides
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Reagent grade potassium cyanate
Reagent grade Potassium Cyanide
Reagent grade cyanide of potassium
Reagent grade potassium cyanide solution
Reagent grade hydrocyanic acid potassium salt

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氰化钠  Sodium cyanide
Sodium cyanide
gold leaching agent
gold reagent
hydrogen cyanide, sodium salt
hydrocyanic acid sodium salt
cyanide of sodium
CAS 143-33-9

Reagent grade CNNA
Reagent grade Sodium cyanide
Reagent grade hydrogen cyanide, sodium salt
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提金剂 gold leaching agent
gold lixiviant
gold leaching agent
gold reagent
Gold dressing agent
cyanide gold extraction
Gold solubilizing agent
Gold Extraction agent
gold stripper chemical powder
gold mining leaching chemicals

High leaching rate gold lixiviant
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硫酸亚锡  Stannous sulfate
Stannous sulfate
Tin (II) sulphate
Tin (II) Sulfate
Tin sulphate
Tin Sulfate
Stannous sulphate
CAS 7488-55-3

Industrial grade O4SSn
Industrial grade Stannous sulfate
Industrial grade Tin (II) sulphate
Industrial grade Tin (II) Sulfate
Industrial grade Tin sulphate
Industrial grade Tin Sulfate
Industrial grade Stannous sulphate
Industrial grade O4SSn
Reagent grade Stannous sulfate
Reagent grade Tin (II) sulphate
Reagent grade Tin (II) Sulfate
Reagent grade Tin sulphate
Reagent grade Tin Sulfate
Reagent grade Stannous sulphate

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高氯酸锂 Lithium perchlorate
Lithium perchlorate
Lithium perchlora
Anhydrous lithium perchlorate
Perchloric acid lithium salt
CAS 7791-03-9

Industrial grade ClLiO4
Industrial grade Lithium perchlorate
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Industrial grade Perchloric acid lithium salt
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重铬酸钾  Potassium dichromate
Potassium bichromate
Potassium dichromate
bichromate of potash
Dichromic acid,dipotassium salt
Potassium dichromate solution
CAS 7778-50-9
Industrial grade Potassium bichromate
Industrial grade Potassium dichromate
Industrial grade bichromate of potash
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重铬酸钠  Sodium Dichromate
Sodium Dichromate
Chromic acid disodium salt
natrium dichromat
Sodium bichromate
CAS 10588-01-9

Industrial grade Cr2Na2O7
Industrial grade natriumbichromaat
Industrial grade Sodium Dichromate
Industrial grade Chromic acid disodium salt
Industrial grade natrium dichromat
Industrial grade Sodium bichromate
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六次甲基四胺  Hexamethylenetetramine
CAS 100-97-0

Industrial grade Hexamethylenetetramine
Industrial grade hexamethylenamine
Industrial grade hexamethylenetetraamine
Industrial grade Hexamethylentetramin
Industrial grade 1,3,5,7-Tetraazaadamantane
Industrial grade C6H12N4
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双氧水  Hydrogen peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide
hydrogen dioxide solution
hydrogen dioxide
hydrogen dioxide solution
CAS 7722-84-1

Industrial grade H2O2
Industrial grade hydroperoxid
Industrial grade Hydrogenperoxid
Industrial grade Wasserstoffsuperoxid
Industrial grade Hydrogen peroxide
Industrial grade hydrogen dioxide solution
Industrial grade hydrogen dioxide
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